Radical Self-Reliance and Rich People at Burning Man

In the past two weeks I’ve noticed a fair amount of press claiming “the rich are ruining Burning Man” and I’ve seen a handful of stories on Facebook about confrontational run-ins with people at so-called “rich camps” in Black Rock City. I hear a growing conversation around radical self-reliance and the perceived threat to Burning [...]

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Please Stop Calling It The Default World

Nearly 70,000 people are returning from northern Nevada this week, having touched one of the more inspiring civilizations on the planet: the temporary metropolis known as Black Rock City or Burning Man. I always say that Burning Man renews my faith in humanity and our capacity to be resourceful and to be kind to each other.

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Are You An Artist?

Up until 2006, I had always said, “I am creative, but not artistic.” I would reiterate that often in conversation. At that point I had been attending Burning Man for 7 years, and finally my identity and desires shifted in a way that caused me to say, “I want to be an artist.”

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How to Build Confidence In Yourself

One place confidence stems from is knowing that you can take care of yourself.  Experiencing relying on yourself to get to where you need to go, and training yourself to handle your basic needs and physically protect yourself will help you feel more at home in the world, wherever you are. Learn Survival Skills Learning [...]

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100 Days

I was inspired by this website Give It 100. On January 10th I committed to 100 days of practicing three things every day: a handstand, forward splits, and a backbend bridge.  I had to deliberate on the commitment for a few days, knowing that there could be a high risk of failure.  I’ve had great [...]

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