Performance Art Meets Math and Technology

I love when this happens — the language of math — visualized — and paired with human movement art. This 2014 November dance performance comes from Créteil, a suburb of Paris, France. #brilliant Tweet This Post

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Favorite 2014 Ads (and a bonus throwback from 2013)

2014 introduced two great new lighting technologies, and saw the continued rise of a “poopular” bathroom spray like no other. Here are their remarkable online ads: “Enhance Your Lighting” by BBDO, New York for General Electric; Directed by Tim and Eric, 2014.     “How Many Years Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?” by [...]

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Radical Self-Reliance and Rich People at Burning Man

In the past two weeks I’ve noticed a fair amount of press claiming “the rich are ruining Burning Man” and I’ve seen a handful of stories on Facebook about confrontational run-ins with people at so-called “rich camps” in Black Rock City. I hear a growing conversation around radical self-reliance and the perceived threat to Burning [...]

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Please Stop Calling It The Default World

Nearly 70,000 people are returning from northern Nevada this week, having touched one of the more inspiring civilizations on the planet: the temporary metropolis known as Black Rock City or Burning Man. I always say that Burning Man renews my faith in humanity and our capacity to be resourceful and to be kind to each other.

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Are You An Artist?

Up until 2006, I had always said, “I am creative, but not artistic.” I would reiterate that often in conversation. At that point I had been attending Burning Man for 7 years, and finally my identity and desires shifted in a way that caused me to say, “I want to be an artist.”

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